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Pediatric Surgery Centers was designed by pediatric doctors and nurses to be child and family-friendly in order to meet both the emotional and medical needs of children and their families. We firmly believe an environment that diminishes a child’s anxiety can in turn facilitate a faster recovery. In addition to its cheerful décor and child-sized surroundings, our center takes a more relaxed approach to certain hospital policies, such as visitation and parental involvement in preoperative and recovery care.

We define kid friendly. Thousands of children each year have surgery at Pediatric Surgery Centers. Our mission is to create an optimal environment for the physical, social and psychological well-being of the pediatric surgical patient and their family.



Children present many variables that require specialized care. These include differences in body size and function, emotional and social needs, and increased sensitivity to medications.

Every member of our staff understands this and is trained to meet the specific needs of each child they treat


A day or two prior to your child’s scheduled surgery, a nurse will call you to conduct a pre-operative interview, take a medical history and answer any questions that you may have.

At this time we will discuss your surgery time, make arrangements for any special needs that you may have and give pre-operative guidelines.